Bioinnovate Technology

World-leading technology developed here in Australia

Ross Macdougald and his team have developed a world-first formula that uses BioInnovate technology in conjunction with an anti-microbial active ingredient. The result is a non-alcohol formulation containing lower levels of active ingredient required to pass the tests used to permit a ‘Kills COVID-19 claim’.

It’s a revolutionary technology that paved the way for the development of the ViroCLEAR formulation. A non alcohol/ethanol-based formulation that is highly effective against 99.99% of germs and bacteria, including COVID-19.

ViroCLEAR BioInnovate
ViroCLEAR COVID-19 effective


The BioInnovate technology used in the ViroCLEAR formulation has been laboratory proven to internationally recognised ASTM standards and shown to:

• Kill COVID-19 within 90 seconds of surface contact

• Kill 99.99% of other germs and bacteria

• Is alcohol and ethanol free

ViroCLEAR contains 0.12% w/w benzalkonium chloride.
When using ViroCLEAR always read the label and carefully follow directions for use.